Ephraim Glazberg, Law offices

Ephraim Glazberg Law Office and Notary was established in 1974 and has been headed by Ephraim Glazberg since 1988. Our office employs 4 lawyers and in our Romanian Department we employ three specialists in this field. We provide clients with professional and personalized service, outside working hours when necessary. The office specializes in the following areas:

Civil Law

Ephraim Glazberg Law Office specializes in all aspects of civil litigation, torts, negligence, workplace injuries, employee benefits and rights, International law, Environmental Law, personal injury and pollution.

Admiralty and Maritime Law

Adv. Ephraim Glazberg is a former Captain with the Israeli Merchant Marine. The rich experience and knowledge he accumulated during his many years in the Merchant Marine combined with his vast knowledge of Admiralty and Maritime Law make him a leading contender in this field in Israel.

Ephraim Glazberg Law Office specializes in all aspects of Admiralty and Maritime Law including ship arrest, carriage by sea, initiation and management of ship auctions, cargo claims, salvage, marine injury and casualty and sale litigation. We have successfully represented clients worldwide in this field.

Ephraim Glazberg Law Office serves as the legal consultant to The Israeli Officers' Seaman's Union as well as to numerous large Workers' Unions in Israel.

Adv. Ephraim Glazberg is a member of The Israel Maritime Law Society and The Israeli Society for Labor Law and Social Security. He serves as an Arbitrator in various disputes and is a regular participant in legal forums relating to various legal issues.

Romanian Law

Together with our Romanian department, the office is well known as a leading specialist in Romanian Law and has served hundreds of clients throughout the years. Our office efficiently and successfully handles hundreds of applications for Romanian citizenship each year as well as numerous restitutions of nationalized properties in Romania. In addition, our office provides legal counselling relating to business related ventures in Romania.

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